The sense of smell is very important for aromatherapy, the scent of the oils is immediate to us, thus their healing. Aromas are important in relation to mood and emotion, thus essential oils can help to bring about changes, depending on their qualities.

When essential oils are massaged into the skin, the tiny molecules pass through the skin and into the tissues and blood stream. From here, they circulate around the body to the organs and bring healing where necessary, reducing swelling by anti-inflammatory action, calming the digestive system or helping to improve its function and speed it up. For the respiratory system, the molecules reach the lungs either through the blood supply or via inhalation.

Our immune systems take a battering in our daily lives, coping with pollution, stress, viruses, bacteria. Some essential oils can help give it a boost - Tea Tree is well known for its anti-viral, fungicidal and bactericidal qualities. I know from experience that using a drop of Tea Tree on a tissue when everyone around you has a cold can help to fend it off or have a much reduced version of it.

The nervous system can be greatly supported by the use of essential oils, either stimulating, calming or balancing. A Lavender oil bath at the end of the day is very helpful in soothing or reviving the nerves, bringing calm and a feeling of being refreshed.

Flame the Dragon by Amanda Penrose